Notes and Doodles: Second Edition

For as long as I can remember, I always found enjoyment whenever I can draw, whether that be something as simple as doodles or drawing realistically what’s in front of me. Coming to college, I slightly gave up on it and focused on my studies. However, coming into my senior year, I became inspired to get back into drawing.

Throughout my junior year, I was inspired by my friend, who was a senior at the time, who sketched doodles at any event she was at: brown bags, guest lectures, family dinners, casual conversations with friends, etc. These “notes and doodles” as they were called became snapshots of that particular moment/event. I was fascinated with how she was able to capture the essence of the event with her doodles, and her notes consisted of a few key words/highlights of that particular event.

Coming into my senior year, I thought I’d give it a try.

First, I was afraid of telling her, because I feared of being called an impostor or that she would think I’m not “original” enough to do something else. I was afraid of her calling me out on copying her. However, I eventually mustered up enough courage to show her one of my doodles, and she loved it. She got so excited that someone was continuing the project. She encouraged me to keep going.

So, I’m continuing it. Not only am I doing it for her, but I’m doing it for me. Drawing helps ground me and connects me with the event and my surroundings. It also helps calm me down. Although I get self-conscious from time to time and worry that I’m nowhere near as good as my friend, I enjoy doing these. I also hope to capture raw thoughts that go on in my mind and be able to give people a glimpse into interesting conversations that happen at events that not everyone goes to. Here are a few notes and doodles I’ve done this semester. I look forward to doing more. 🙂


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