Hi there!

I was inspired to create this blog after going through Asians in Solidarity and reading a comic book my lovely and talented friend, Angel, made. Check out her art! And also check out Asians in Solidarity!

This blog is meant for me to not be complicit. It is a means for me to continue to grapple with being an Asian American woman in society, with empathising with other minorities, and with understanding this faulty system that society has in place. Now, I’m far from perfect. I clearly don’t know others’ experiences and what they’re going through, but I can try to understand and empathise with them. It definitely isn’t enough, and I am sorry for my inaction, but I hope to be a “better” person by trying to understand people’s experiences.

I will write stories, thoughts, and more about my experiences and perspectives of being an Asian American in society, a woman in society, and more. I hope what I write will help validate your experiences (if you are going through similar ones), help you open your mind to experiences you are not familiar with, and help you grow into empathising with others. I know that I’m a nobody in this vast world and I can’t do much, but I hope that I can get you to start having conversations regarding society and thinking of ways to make it a better place for everyone.

Also, warning that my posts won’t be written in an eloquent or in an orderly manner. Thoughts will come sporadically, what I write may not make sense, but I’m trying to process things.

Thanks for stopping by!

All the best,


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